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House Of Love #027 добавлен 01.07.17 13:51

Progressive House

Summer Session radioshow #160 добавлен 01.06.17 22:58


Fashion Sound Выпуск 1 добавлен 28.05.17 13:00

Progressive House

Summer Session radioshow #159 добавлен 28.05.17 12:33


Fashion Sound добавлен 09.04.17 21:45

Unknown Life Form - Endless Struggle (Original Mix)
Alberto Ruiz, Ron Costa - In Time (Original Stick)
Milos Pesovic - Trippin (Original...

Summer Session radioshow #158 добавлен 26.03.17 19:38


House Of Love Выпуск 2017 добавлен 14.03.17 23:10

Disco house

Summer Session radioshow #157 добавлен 14.03.17 23:02


Summer Session radioshow #156 добавлен 29.01.17 15:22

Above & Beyond — Balearic Balls (Extended Mix)
Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon — Faces...


Alexey Progress

Alexey Progress almost casually suggested to play on the turntables at the club, while he also played under the name Alexx P. maximum audience warmly and positively perceived performance of newly DJ and inspired him to new achievements. Thus began his professional career that was it in 2009. But didzheystvovat began much earlier - he played progressive house at the bar. His musical tastes have always been enviable constancy: hacking Techno, spectacular Tech house, melodic Vocal Trance become faithful companions in the vast sea of club music. In late 2009, the label turns Pro Emotions. Was the name of the project, which belongs to Alexey Progress. For the year of the project was released a few dozen club mixes. Alexey Progress has always managed to successfully combine their talents in music and in business, so it is no surprise was the creation of his own label Primeria Rec .. The project also created three sub-label: Summer Session radioshow (styles of vocal trance, progressive trance ), House Of Love (House, Electro House), Plastic Society (Porgressive), Fashion Sound (Deep House)

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